We have all been there:  you watch a running child and you think some variant of “be careful!  just don’t ________” and then he runs into, trips over, falls off, etc and you hear that universally recognized thud.  There is split second when we try to convince ourselves nothing will happen before the inevitable scream and tears.  Pause.  Be principled.  What do you say next?  Is it some variant of: “Oh don’t’ cry, that doesn’t hurt.”

Is that true?  If it is not why did you say it.   It’s weird.  It’s almost a compulsive lie I hear so many parents say as if denying reality will change it.  My instinct after I accidentally smack my thumb with a hammer is not to exclaim “Oh that tickles!”  Why not be honest role models to our children and acknowledge reality: “Oh, ouch!  That can sting a bit. I know it hurts but it will fade.  Just walk it off a minute and lets rub it.  It might leave a mark but that is ok.”