From a financial perspective, after all the one time purchases, it seems that diapers, clothes and food will become the significant reoccurring “newborn” expenses for the next year or so.  I have seen little outfits for a few dollars to those that include designer logos priced 10-20 times more expensive.  Only you can determine where your values place you on the spectrum from frugal-to-expensive and functional-to-fashionable.  Your financial means may also narrow your choices.  Maybe everything is new.  Maybe some are hand-me-downs from friends or family.  Maybe you found a “reuse” style shop finding life again in “gentle used” clothing.  Maybe some are gifts worn once for an obligatory photo or many times and loved. For us we drew from all four.  (Thought I question how kids are “gentle” with clothing)

My question is what do your choices teach your children when they look back on the photos of themselves?