Conscious Fathering




Children naturally explore the world with their mouths.  I cannot recall the exact instinctual reason why, but I also recall it assists with teething.  As my daughter gummed my finger a few days ago, I noticed, oh, that's sharp.  So... Continue Reading →

The Story of Clothes

From a financial perspective, after all the one time purchases, it seems that diapers, clothes and food will become the significant reoccurring "newborn" expenses for the next year or so.  I have seen little outfits for a few dollars to... Continue Reading →

Infant Education

It's amazing what even non-speaking infants can teach us. These smaller alternative versions of ourselves sometimes approach new situations and arrive at the same conclusions we do. You can literally watch them think through it, understand, process, decide.  Decide again.... Continue Reading →

The Truth Hurts

We have all been there:  you watch a running child and you think some variant of "be careful!  just don't ________" and then he runs into, trips over, falls off, etc and you hear that universally recognized thud.  There is... Continue Reading →

Life is Messy

I have observed parents either superimpose preexisting hyper-hygienic habits onto their children or adopt them around birth. I see pump dispensers of hand sanitizer in bathrooms, near changing tables and in kitchens. I see vibrantly colored holders for attaching small... Continue Reading →


My child taught me a very simply lesson on how to care for me and indirectly for her.  When she started sneezing it startled her.  Then, as sneezes do, they come in groups.  We would coo and count and smile... Continue Reading →

Any Idiot Can Handle a Crisis

I think back to a greeting card I saw many years ago. It was a back and white photo of a baby standing on a hardwood floor at the foot of a carpeted staircase.  The little one's arms are stretched... Continue Reading →

The Power to Teach

Having had the privilege of traveling beyond my native county's borders, I have learned the power of observation and non-verbal communication.  The power of common humanity crosses cultures, borders and language.  It's amazing to watch! Knowing that infants soak up... Continue Reading →

Healthy Struggle

My wife and I make sure that our daughter has time on her play mat. It is a simple thing with a handful of colorful dangling animals that jingle. She enjoys grabbing them and I verbally encourage her as I... Continue Reading →

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