My wife and I make sure that our daughter has time on her play mat. It is a simple thing with a handful of colorful dangling animals that jingle. She enjoys grabbing them and I verbally encourage her as I present them to her.  Over time we have watched her movements transition from unconstrained waving to more precise movements.  Sometimes she becomes frustrated and whines a little.  Have you ever become frustrated with something?
We will flip her over for tummy time.  This is important because these are her workouts as she strengthens her back, arms and neck. (Colloquially, this is informal baby cross-fit) At first it is slow work and she fatigues quickly.  Later she can hold it much longer and look around.   She keeps pushing up. You can hear the I-am-struggling cry much like guys in the gym grunting as they squat a heavy bar. She wants to accomplish the effort and through the struggle my wife and I encourage her.  We recognize the difference between I-am-trying cry and the frustrated-melting-down scream.  The lesson we are teaching is struggling is ok and to push herself knowing she is loved and supported regardless of the end result.  Us doing it for her does not reinforce the tenacity to try again. I came from an age of participation trophies.  Last I checked, adult life does not work that way. The spiritual lesson I value is to try.   I wish to instill that without setting false expectations.  While this seems small, each little building block reinforces larger life lessons without sending mixed signals.