I think back to a greeting card I saw many years ago. It was a back and white photo of a baby standing on a hardwood floor at the foot of a carpeted staircase.  The little one’s arms are stretched parallel to the ground and back, the fingers splayed.  He is pitched forward with his forehead balancing his straight body against the second step. Inside the card is the caption “Any idiot can handle a crisis; it’s the day to day living that wears you out.”  As an aggressively driven professional, I found the card funny at the time.  Years later, as a new parent, it resonates more loudly.  I found life with a newborn can be hard because so much changed.  Things take longer–a lot longer. (i.e. trips to anywhere) There are new routines. (i.e. endless things to clean)  There are countless things to learn and learn again.  It all adds up and can become overwhelming.  It helps me to pause, breathe and enjoy the perfectly imperfect moment.  Even if I prefer my daughter not cry at 110 decibels while I change the wet diaper. I wouldn’t trade it.