Before baby was born there was a rush of activity.  We painted the nursery.  We bargain shopped for new and used furniture.  My wife spent hours researching diapering and their care.  The wonders and mechanics of breastfeeding were explored.  (It’s more than insert tab N into slot M.)  There was a overwhelming trip to a big box baby store for registry creation.  We attended birthing classes, etc.  All in all, we felt prepared for the birth.  (For those that have been through this you may realize the education emphasis is on the day of and not the day after–more to follow on that.)

My friend gave me wonderful advice about staying in the moment and calm about a month before the projected due date.  “When the time comes, her water breaks and labor is progressing.  You look at her and you both know it is time.  You grab the go bag, put the car seat in the car and help your wife settle in.  With medical paperwork and phone charger in hand, you call the friend to care for the pets during delivery.  And just when you think you’ve got this, remember to close the front door.  The journey is humbling right out the door: never forget that”