Conscious Fathering

Divide, Accomplish and Sharing

I learned a very important lesson about a week into life with children: how to share and relax. I had wanted chocolate chip, pumpkin scones for days.  There is something about the hard, dry pastry and good dark coffee that... Continue Reading →

Everyday Choices

There are few important enduring choices in life. I had established my own life, I chose a healthy relationship of balanced, complimentary equals when I chose my wife after.  After we established our lives together, we chose to  create life... Continue Reading →

The First Diaper Change

There is a long running debate (with a seeming religious-like zeal to it) choosing cloth or disposable diapers.  Within each, there is a mind-numbing number of styles, materials, etc, which I will talk about later.  Sufficient to say the choice... Continue Reading →

The journey begins

I find myself holding a minutes old newborn and am in awe. My wife lay beside me delivering the afterbirth.  With midwife assistance in a hospital-attached birthing center, my wife just naturally delivered our daughter complication free, drug free.  We... Continue Reading →

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