Conscious Fathering

Newborn Crying (continued)

It has been ten long minutes, or thirty or ninety, and the crying has not ceased.  To make things more complicated, it may be more than one thing.  It is awkward at first as I learn her language and then... Continue Reading →

Newborn Crying

Crying. We all have to work through it. At first, it all sounds the same.  It can be for a few moments or an eternity. It can grate and irritate. For me, my daughter can find a particular pitch and... Continue Reading →

Soothing and Holding

One of my favorite things as a new dad are the calming walks with my newborn.  Our daughter becomes fussy and I start (sometime struggle though) the short list of reasons why babies cry.  I am too hot/cold.  I am... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Habits

As we become fathers, my wife noted that my daughter and I seem to share the same sleeping habits: we both can sleep through anything and fall asleep anywhere. This is especially helpful since raising an infant can be exhausting. ... Continue Reading →

Perspective (Father’s Shoes)

As a child, I remember wishing my father would do X or be around for Y.  I just wanted to be around a father who taught me things and was a role model.  And maybe he was around for X1... Continue Reading →

Perspective (Baby Shoes)

It starts: Babies went from a warm, soft, quiet nurturing place complete with food service and regular cleaning. Next stop: A noisy place that is hot, cold, and smelly. It's constant, unpredictable sensory overload after living in a vanilla cocoon.... Continue Reading →

Perspective and Noise

It never ceases to amaze me how some people will try to superimpose their perspective, experience on your future. In the end the difference between birth and the day before is one day. It is a very important day mind you, but only a day. You are still you...

It’s Time

Before baby was born there was a rush of activity.  We painted the nursery.  We bargain shopped for new and used furniture.  My wife spent hours researching diapering and their care.  The wonders and mechanics of breastfeeding were explored.  (It's... Continue Reading →

The Fourth Trimester

Pregnancy and postpartum are very vulnerable times for a women physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many things are amplified as physical and hormone changes impact a woman in sometimes unexpected ways.  Then, there is the fact that baby humans, unlike many... Continue Reading →

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