As we become fathers, my wife noted that my daughter and I seem to share the same sleeping habits: we both can sleep through anything and fall asleep anywhere. This is especially helpful since raising an infant can be exhausting.  Aside from the changing routine and new tasks, a switch seemingly flipped inside me.  I had a heightened sense of awareness of what was happening around me.  It was a protective alertness that, while not boarding on paranoia, caused me to be more present and protective.  (More on this and public outings later.)  However, it seems I have blended this with other techniques.  My wife and I had fallen asleep on the couches soon after my daughter was born.  We were exhausted, she was nursing and all three of us drifted to sleep.  At some point baby fusses and mommy wakes.  Daddy however, continues resting, though that alert part of me sprang to action.  To my wife’s amazement, I began to “shoosh” while asleep to calm and soothe my daughter between my quiet snores.